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Botox in Ilford

Eyes (Crows Feet)

To smooth wrinkles around the eyes, such as 'crows feet' or laughter lines, we also use Botulinum Toxin. Despite this being a sensitive area we can treat this region painlessly using advanced techniques.

They say you're as young as you feel, but wouldn't it be nice to look in the mirror and see a face that reflects this, even if you've had a late night the night before!

As we get older, nature can sometimes need a helping hand and that's where non-surgical facial treatments can work wonders. You deserve to look and feel at your very best and we're here to help you achieve that in a virtually pain-free manner.


One of the most effective ways to improve your appearance and look younger is to smooth out those tell tale lines and wrinkles. We can help you achieve the results you want, using the very latest products and techniques.

To smooth forehead wrinkles or 'frown lines' we use a substance called Botulinum Toxin. This has been used safely and effectively for over 25 years.

Wrinkle softening is a straightforward procedure so you can even visit us during your lunch hour! We simply use a very fine needle to gently and painlessly inject Botulinum Toxin into the areas where it's needed, so it can get to work smoothing out those lines and wrinkles. It usually takes around

7-14 days to see the full effects of each treatment, with results lasting up to 4 months.

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