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Preparing for dentures

There are several things you need to consider: some of these are practical, while others are more about being emotionally prepared.

Getting ready means asking the dentist about:

* how long it takes to make dentures?

* what the process is fo making dentures, for example, how many visits will it take and how long will you be at the surgery

   each time you go?

* what dentures are made from, what different materials are used and how they will look?

* when the dentures are likely to need replacing or readjusting?

Getting ready emotionally may take longer.

Dentist in Ilford Dentures
Dentist in Ilford Dentures

What are the benefits?

Do you have problems eating certain food because of your teeth? You may find this improves once you have dentures.

Are you embarrased to smile because of the appearance of your teeth? Your dentures can give you back the smile you have lost.

Not only can dentures improve the appearance of your teeth, they can also support your cheeks and lips and lift sagging facial muscles, helping to make you look younger. You will also find they can  help improve eating and speaking, once you get used to them, which doesn't usually take long.

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